Benefits of Preplanning a Funeral & Cremation in Erie, PA

Puts you in control and ensures your wishes will be known.

Survivors may not know your wishes or may assume they do know your wishes. For example, they may not know you prefer cremation; how much you'd want them to spend on arrangements; or whom you would want them to invite to the service. Planning ahead puts you in control by allowing you to make informed choices regarding your funeral and cemetery arrangements.


Provides social, psychological and emotional benefits to your loved ones at a difficult time.

Not only does it simplify the funeral process for your survivors, it also eases the stress of deciding what you would have wanted.


Allows you to set aside funds and relieve your family of a financial burden.

Since it is difficult to predict what your family's financial situation will be at the time of your death, pre-funding ensures that an amount you consider appropriate will be earmarked for the funeral.


Provides the peace of mind of knowing that "your affairs are in order."

You'll be comforted by the assurance that your family and friends will be relieved of the burden of making funeral arrangements when you die. And you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that they will appreciate your concern for their well-being.