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Process for Funeral and Cremation Planning in Fairview, PA


When preparing for upcoming funeral services, the best thing you can do is talk to our team about the proven 10-step process for funeral and cremation planning in Fairview, PA. We have been in business since 1894. Over the years, our team had the opportunity to refine our system so that we can guarantee quality services for every family. As you are preparing to say goodbye to a family member, you need to contact us at Brugger Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLP.


Our focus and commitment are on providing quality results for every family. We are here to meet all of your needs, giving you the guarantee of peace of mind in the planning process. We have an exclusive Cremation with Confidence Guarantee, ensuring that your loved one will never leave our care before, during, or after the cremation.


Confidence in Funeral and Cremation Planning in Fairview, PA


Working with an experienced team gives you confidence in knowing that your loved one is treated with the highest levels of care. We have a trademarked process to safeguard personal identity, maintain the highest levels of respect, and ensure that you receive the ashes of your loved one after the cremation.


One of the benefits that our team offers is the ownership of a crematory. Most funeral homes don’t have on-site crematory facilities, which means that the remains need to be sent to another service provider for the cremation to be done. Since we own the only crematory in the local area, we promise that your loved one will stay with us every step of the way.


We’ve improved the cremation process over the years and promise the highest levels of dignity and respect. Additionally, your family has the opportunity to celebrate the person’s life before or after cremation if desired.


Your Options for Cremation Services


What are the right cremation services to match your needs? The first step is to talk to us at Brugger Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLP to learn about your options. This information can be helpful so that you learn about your choices and identify the cremation plan based on your family traditions and preferences. These are some of the choices that might be a good fit:


  • Cremation Followed by a Memorial Service: The cremation will be completed first. Your family will receive the ashes in an urn of your choice. This urn can be displayed during the memorial. Or, you are welcome to hold a memorial without the ashes if desired. Some families choose a small on-site memorial at the time the ashes are scatted outside.

  • Cremation Followed by a Graveside Service: Another option after cremation is to hold a graveside service. If you are planning burial in a local cemetery, then consider the advantages of having a graveside meeting for family and close friends.

  • Direct Cremation: There is no obligation to schedule a funeral or memorial if it doesn’t match your desires. Direct cremation is an affordable, respectful way to say goodbye. Some families choose direct cremation, then hold a small family meeting at home after the cremation.

  • Burial Services: It can be comforting knowing that you have a headstone to visit as often as desired. Burial services can be coordinated for a casket or urn. Our team at Brugger Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLP will oversee the logistics with the cemetery of your choice.

  • Cremation Services Including Cremations with Viewing: Do you want one last opportunity to see your loved one before the cremation? We can schedule a viewing so that you can say goodbye before the casket is closed. After this event, the cremation will be complete, and then you will receive the ashes.


You have the flexibility to desire funeral and cremation services in Fairview, PA based on the preferences and desires of your loved ones. At Brugger Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLP, we respect your wishes while promising the highest quality of care and support for your family.


Preplanning: Preparing for the Future


Do you want to be ready for the future with a custom cremation or funeral plan? You can talk to us at a convenient time to learn about the services that are available. Preplanning ensures that the funeral or cremation services match your desires. Plus, your family won’t need to face the burden of funeral planning when your funeral is scheduled.


We are here to assist with preplanning for both funeral and cremation services in Fairview, PA. Learn about the local funeral planning industry, and you will see that Brugger Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLP has a long history of excellent services. We are here to support your family with anything that is required during this difficult time. Visit our nearest funeral home at 1595 W 38th St., Erie, PA 16508. Call to schedule a conversation with an experienced funeral director: (814) 864-4864


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