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Decisions for Funeral and Cremation Planning in Wattsburg, PA


One difficult aspect of losing a loved one is facing the many decisions regarding end of life services. Families often face a long list of questions when the funeral is scheduled. Luckily, a funeral director is available to assist if you need support with funeral and cremation planning in Wattsburg, PA.


Our team at Brugger Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLP specializes in a range of funeral services. We offer more than basic results for funeral planning. Instead, we are working to anticipate everything that might be required for the event:


  • Services: Do you want to hold a Celebration of Life, memorial, or funeral? What is your preferred location and atmosphere for the event? Discuss your preferences for this event so that we can help in creating the right services to support the needs of your family.

  • Remains: You will need to choose the location where your loved one will be laid to rest. These remains can be placed in a casket and buried in the cemetery. Also, consider the benefits of cremation if desired.

  • Support: Finally, additional care is required before and after the funeral or cremation. For example, we are here to assist with paperwork and documentation, as well as grief resources.


Each of these categories is addressed one at a time, giving you a step-by-step process when you are preparing funeral services for someone you love.


Funeral and Cremation Services Available in Wattsburg, PA


Here is a quick overview of some of the available services that might be considered:


  • Cremation Followed by a Graveside Service: After the cremation, the ashes can be buried in the family cemetery plot if desired. Consider the option to schedule a graveside gathering with your loved ones at the cemetery.

  • Direct Cremation: This service entails the completion of cremation without any other funeral services. Benefits of direct cremation include affordability and simplicity.

  • Cremation Followed by a Memorial Service: Do you prefer to schedule a memorial service to honor the memory of your loved one? We can assist in the planning of an event at our funeral home or another location, such as a chapel or church.

  • Cremation Services Including Cremations with Viewing: Cremation doesn’t eliminate your opportunity to hold an open casket viewing. We will prepare the remains for your family to view at an appointed time. Then the cremation will be completed after this viewing.

  • Burial Services: Burial is a common choice since many people want to visit a gravestone to remember their loved one. Our team will assist with all details required for burial, including casket or urn selection, communication with the cemetery, a graveside gathering, and more.


At Brugger Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLP, we want to ensure that you have the flexibility to plan a custom funeral that honors the memory of your loved one. Our team is here to oversee the details of everything required for a beautiful event. We also offer the support required when you are learning about available services and options in the industry.


Why Preplanning is a Great Solution for Everyone


Do you know how much stress your family will face if last-minute planning is required for funeral and cremation services in Wattsburg, PA? It can be a difficult time for your family to say goodbye and also face the hardest decisions for funeral services.


These issues can be eliminated if you are proactive with preplanning a funeral. You can talk to our team about the available services. This discussion will be shaped based on your preferences and desires. The goal is to create a funeral plan that will be kept in our files until it is time to schedule your funeral services. Your family will have peace in the situation since you’ve shared your requests for the event.


Preplanning can start at any age, giving you a detailed plan to use if something happens unexpectedly. It is also common for families to discuss preplanning services if they are anticipating a funeral in the upcoming weeks or months. Some of the toughest decisions can be addressed before the stress of the final days of the person’s life.


It is common for families to save money on funeral services with preplanning. Designing funeral services without the emotional challenges after death gives you a better perspective about essential services. Plus, you can relax in your home and use our online planning tool at your convenience.


Is it time for you to get started with funeral and cremation planning in Wattsburg, PA? Then you need to reach out to our team at Brugger Funeral Homes & Crematory, LLP. We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your preferences for the event. Visit our nearest location at 845 E 38th St., Erie, PA 16504. Call any time if you would like information about the available services: (814) 825-2500


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